This website is not directly affiliated with the Leonberger club but it is sanctioned by the Health Research and Education Committee, as well as the Leonberger Health Foundation. The site was created to offer you information about the Leonberger, health problems in the breed, and to serve as a memorial to those Leonbergers who left us too soon. Whenever possible, we will offer assistance if your Leonberger is ill, and when we cannot answer your questions, we will do whatever we can to find the information for you or refer you to someone with knowledge of the disorder.

Since we are dealing with the health and well being of Leonbergers, this website will be used to inform and warn you about the sad fact of puppy mills and how they are beginning to affect the Leonberger. 

This is a work in progress dedicated to those Leonbergers whose lives were cut short by fatal diseases.  Please share your stories here so other Leonbergers may benefit from your experiences.  We encourage every one whose Leonberger may be ill now, and those whose dogs died either suddenly, or after a prolonged illness, to read about the importance of doing a biopsy and/or a necropsy.  The Leonberger Club of America is gathering information that will help us all to understand the health of Leonbergers and pursue genetic testing and treatments for diseases that are fatal.  Please fill out the Cause of Death Registry form and send it to the

I  know how hard it is to think about anything but your pain when you have lost your Leo but the more information we all contribute to understanding the types of diseases and causes of death, the better chance we have of someday guaranteeing these incredible creatures good health and longevity.  Please also take a moment to fill out the form at on the Mortality Study page.

A better understanding of the triggers and causes of canine cancers is the best hope for the future.  Please visit the Canine Cancer Research Underway page to see if you can participate in one of the projects.

If your Leonberger died at an age when it should be alive and thriving, we would be honored to include a photo of your Leo.  Contact us for more information. 

All of us who have lost these beautiful companions to a disease are aware of how difficult it is to watch the life of your dear friend slipping away, yet you are powerless to prevent the end result--death.  For that reason, this website also offers a comprehensive article on Finding a Reputable Breeder.  Though it is not a guarantee of a long life span, it will give you some peace of mind to know you have found a breeder who is aware of genetic health problems and anxious to breed only healthy Leonbergers. When it comes to breeding dogs, ignorance is no excuse for producing sick puppies. 

Our thanks to the Leonberger Club of America for allowing us to link to so many pages at their website.  We are in the process of adding pages to this website.  As time allows, we plan to include topics such as cardiomyopathy, orthopedic problems, additional cancer articles, environmental toxins that trigger diseases, and many more.  Your comments are always welcome.


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