This puppy was purchased as a "rescue" to prevent the continued suffering he endured while confined to a cage too small without any exercise.  He came from a famous pet store in Orlando, Florida.  The family's veterinarian said the health conditions found in Beaux were in violation of the store's contract, any and all humane laws, and common decency in preventing prolonged suffering of any puppy!
The case may go to court but since Leonbergers now suffer in puppy mills to provide over-priced puppies suffering bone deformities from confinement without adequate exercise, worms, and other illnesses, there will be more like him.  Imagine the suffering of this puppy's parents who will never  be treated like a family pet because they are now breeding machines.  They exist solely to provide lots of money for the commercial breeder and the pet store.  AKC calls these breeders "High Volume Breeders."  These puppies qualify for registration with the AKC's Foundation Stock Service; eventually, the Leonberger will be just another AKC breed.

Only YOU can prevent this nightmare by not buying from pet stores that sell animals.  Shop at other stores that do not sell animals and tell these stores why you will not spend your money in a place that sells puppies with bone deformities, infections, worms and myriad other preventable diseases.   Meet Beaux who was born with normal legs but no longer has what God gave to him:                              



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