What is Avemar?

Avemar is fermented wheat germ that has been put through many different processes to achieve its remarkable capabilities.  It was discovered in Hungary at the Semmelweis Medical University of Budapest.  It is widely used in Europe but now is also gaining acceptance in the United States. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute and M.D. Anderson in Texas, have been recognizing the value of this product in treating cancer patients. I’ll try to explain how it works; it works in many different ways, on a cellular level to destroy cancer cells or at the least, to weaken their ability to thrive while hitting them with a toxic blast!

The mutated genes in cancer cells constantly urge these malignant cells to divide. In order to maintain the processes of rapid cell division, the cell metabolism must also be changed; the cell needs to adapt nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) and other constituents for its own use. Cancer cells adapt their metabolism to gain energy in a way that enables them to utilize the most abundant resource in circulation: glucose. (This is why so many “cancer diets” are based on no carbohydrates and no sugars.). In order to maintain a continuous proliferation, it is crucial that glucose is utilized continuously for synthetic (anabolic) biochemical processes.

Tumor cells easily adapt to this glucose-based metabolism and are capable of taking up and using enormous quantities of this molecule - up to 20-30 times more than normal cells.  One part of glucose is used by cancer cells for energy production, while another part will be used for the synthesis of nucleic acids, which are the building blocks of RNA and DNA.

To make a very complex group of processes simple for us lay people, the way Avemar works is to decrease the glucose-uptake of tumor cells in a dose-dependent manner and inhibit the production of ribose and deoxyribose, a sugar that is the backbone of DNA.  It also inhibits key enzymes that cancer cells need to grow.  Further, Avemar enhances TNFalpha (tumor necrosis factor alpha) production, thereby inhibiting tumor angiogenesis.  Angiogenesis is the ability of cancer cells to keep itself well supplied with blood.  It produces an enzyme that tells the circulatory system to send up more circulation or blood supply.  A lot of research in the States has been focused on anti-angiogenesis but Avemar works on many fronts which makes it a more powerful weapon. Think of cancer as an evil entity that circumvents the natural processes in the body to establish an evil empire which builds itself into a monster!  Avemar deconstructs cancer cells by working in many of these processes, turning them back into what they were before the onslaught of cancer which took control and cleverly used these natural processes to grow itself at an enormous rate.  

Avemar also has an immune modulating effect by exerting a selective inhibition of MHC-I (main histocompatibility-I) expression on the surface of tumor cells. Avemar seems to restore the immune system to its pre-damaged condition. The MHC genes are responsible for regulating antibody recognition which means Avemar is useful in autoimmune diseases, as well.

There have been hundreds of clinical studies with Avemar throughout the world and more recently, in the United States. Many of these studies showed that Avemar induces apoptosis or programmed cell death of cancer cells after the first 24 hours of use. It also has significant anti-inflammatory effects and supports detoxification, aiding the body in disposing of the dead cancer cells and any toxins formed in the process of apoptosis. For breast cancer, Avemar blocks the estrogen that stimulates the growth of these cells.  All in all, Avemar is an increasingly important alternative treatment.    

Read these research papers for more information:




It is used in conjunction with all forms of chemotherapy and has been proven to extend survival time and quality of life in human patients without any side effects except a loose stool.  It should not be taken at the same time as vitamin C.  Otherwise there are no restrictions.  It is taken on an empty stomach 2 hours after any other food or supplement and 2 hours before feeding.  It comes in a packet but I put it into capsules since my dog will not touch it as an addition to her food. I have a very finicky eater! I give it to her with frozen yogurt which is one of the recommended ways of using it.  Many people who are now using Avemar are amazed at the results.  A nasal melanoma began to break apart within days of starting the Avemar; another dog with lymphosarcoma responded with equally positive results. 

Because Avemar has such significant immune modulating effects, in Europe, it is used to treat autoimmune diseases.  I have started a new Yahoo group to support and learn more about Avemar.  You can join us to participate or lurk by subscribing at:


Recently, a new product called AveUltra became available.  This product is now manufactured in the United States by American BioSciences.  It is as effective as the old Avemar but easier to give to dogs since it does not have the orange flavoring of the original product.  For more information on AveUltra and many other holistic ways of fighting cancer, I highly recommend the new book by Dr. Steven Eisen:


Barbara Bouyet

(c) 2009