IT IS THE BEST BIRTH CONTROL DEVICE, preventing unplanned pregnancies and unwanted puppies.

IT IS THE BEST WAY TO KEEP YOUR DOG SAFE, restraining it from darting into traffic, preventing injuries, suffering, death and huge veterinary bills.

IT IS THE BEST GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY, keeping your dog from trespassing, attacking other animals, becoming a neighborhood nuisance or violating community leash laws.   It also stops your pet from inflicting injuries on children and adults. It prevents your insurance company from dropping your homeowner’s policy because of your dog.

IT IS THE BEST IDENTIFICATION SERVICE, with a current dog license and name tag attached to the collar, it will help reunite you both, should your dog get lost.

IT IS THE BEST WILDLIFE AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, keeping your dog from harassing our wildlife, destroying irreplaceable native plants, or killing expensive livestock by itself or as part of a wild dog pack.

IT IS THE BEST WAY TO DEVELOP AN AFFECTIONATE PET, as the cord connecting you together encourages a unique bonding between you and your dog.

IT IS ALSO THE BEST CRIME PREVENTION DEVICE, because when this leash is not in use, your dog will be at home protecting your family and property.

IT IS AN IMPORTANT DEMONSTRATION TO THE PUBLIC, confirming that dog owners can be responsible, considerate people with an equal concern for the community and its residents.

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