Research Grants

The Leonberger Health Foundation is a non-profit group that funds research projects to help Leonbergers.  They participate with other breeds by supporting grants that may lead to genetic tests and or possible cures for some of the most devastating diseases that occur in our breed.  I strongly encourage everyone to participate in funding these projects--they are the singular most important activities to gain health and longevity for all Leonbergers.  Visit their website at www.leohealth.orh

Meanwhile, read about the active grants and research projects. 

bulletAddison's Disease
bulletPolyneuropathy/LPN and theGrant
bulletMale Infertility
bulletResearch Projects supported by the LHF

 Included here at the request of the LHF are forms that you can download and use to join in this 
 profoundly important research.  Include your Leonberger in the DNA bank and please, as hard as it
 is to think about, if you lose your Leo, you need to fill out a Cause of Death Form and send it in. 
 Only by joining together can we ever offer these gentle giants, these adorable, lovely creatures  a
 chance to enjoy long life and good health.  They need YOU.








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