The Board of the Leonberger Health Foundation has selected and voted unanimously to have the Leonberger DNA bank with CHIC. We would like to encourage every Leonberger owner to participate by sending blood to the CHIC (OFA) DNA Repository for future research.

Even if you have already donated blood from your Leo to a different research lab, please donate again but this time to CHIC.  We need one central repository.

Please fill out both the application and the health survey forms at this website for your dog, and add that dog’s pedigree; send the blood and paperwork together. The information and address on gathering, processing and sending blood is on the application.

At this time, the LHF will pay for the CHIC fee of $20.00 per dog for ALL Leonbergers.

We have the forms here for the convenience of you and your veterinarians. Please make sure to initial the agreement just above your signature, so that the LCA and the LHF will be able to obtain the information on which Leonberger has DNA already stored, and the information regarding the CHIC health Survey!

CHIC DNA Bank Leo Document
CHIC DNA Bank App Survey LB. PDF

CHIC DNA Bank App Leo. PDF
CHIC DNA Bank Health Survey Page 1 PDF
CHIC DNA Bank Healthy Survey Page 2. PDF


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Last updated 02/01/2010 .

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